Friday, December 12, 2008

Whiteboard Jungle

Okay, here I go! Kinda like that first scratch on a new car, I'm gonna just get this over with so I don't have to worry about it. First blog post. Just rip that band-aid off as fast as you can. No dipping in one toe at a time - just jump straight into the deep end. Mix those metaphors vigorously and move on; I'm sure I can always rewrite it later.

Or is that against the rules in blogging? Are there rules in blogging? From all the examples I've seen, I must have already broken them because I haven't revealed an embarrassing personal story yet. Either way, I'm sure once this blog is full of important and creative work, I'll be required to delete this post. And to more accurately rename the site long

So, once again, don't spend too much time on this first post, because it will be deleted anyway. Kinda like that bad page in your sketchbook that you decide to tear out, only you can't because you've torn out so many pages already that there's only half a book left, so you draw over it really dark in pen to cover the bad drawing but then the pen starts to cut through the paper, so you tape it then paint over the whole thing thinking you've got a clean slate, but then the ink starts to seep through like the blood stains on that basement wall that you just can't seem to get clean. This blog post is like that.

Anyway, here is a crappy photo of a sketch that I did on my whiteboard of a happy punk rock couple. It's from a few years back when I was working at Microsoft and wasn't feeling too creatively stimulated by my real assignment at the time.

It was kind of a hybrid portfolio piece/cry-for-help with magic-markers. I guess I thought that if I did some interesting drawings on the whiteboard, someone might come by and say, "Wacky cartoons?! Shoot, you oughta be making a whole game full o' wacky cartoons!! Or maybe taking over for Bill Gates when he retires."

But, nobody did. So, I quit and made my own wacky cartoon game. That was a blast, although I'm kicking myself now, since they had to pick someone else to replace Bill once I'd left. Enjoy this before I post important and creative work, and am forced to delete it.

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