Monday, December 15, 2008

Colonel Satyr

Last one of these for awhile. I pictured this guy as sort of an old country gentleman demon, in the grand Southern tradition (hence the suspenders and bowtie). I especially like the big cowboy beltbuckle with the subtle inscription "Hell."

Not sure what he's all about yet, but I love the idea of all the crazy gods and spirits of old mythology, especially the minor supporting characters. It's the kind of worldview that has room for colorful folks like Illbus, the god of carsickness, and Magnavorax, the demon of TV watching.


  1. Nice whiteboard drawings! I especially like the punk rockers. I also checked out your portfolio...that brought back some memories, plus a some new work I hadn't seen before. Really great stuff!

  2. First comment, you win a prize!! Thanks, Anson. The whiteboard sketches were fun. I've got more that I'll post a little later, but I want to get some more polished pieces up here first. And thanks for all the tips on setting up the blog/portfolio.